Increase business by as much as 20%-40%, by accessing a much wider pool of validated trucks and drivers

Technology for improved customer experience
Online tracking & live monitoring, back-office customer support
Access to vehicle & driver data at one Click
Online trip documentation including electronic PoD helps shrink the cash cycle

Fulfilment Assurance – minimize truck ‘no-shows’ or cancelations




সোয়ার টাকিং সলিউশ। যেকোন সময়, যেকোন জায়গায়

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Comprehensive online Fleet Management including GPS monitoring & tracking, and live back-office customer support On-trip Driver facilities

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Reduce idle-time between trips, increase revenue by 20%-40%

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Cost reduction thru discounts on fuel, telecom and other products from SOAR partners

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Roadside assistance and support for incident management